Case Studies

  1. Average and current repairs of ships, dockage and elevating installations – underwater cutting and welding, underwater cleaning and polishing by using a machine, cleaning of valve gratings and shaft, assembling and disassembling of stoppers, replacing protectors, maintaining underwater register inspections;
  2. Participating in the execution of project of building “New Eastern Mole”, “Terminal 2A”, “Navigational Pass” and project “Expansion of Port Burgas”;
  3. Preliminary diving researches for the project “Expansion of Port Burgas”, for constructing the “New Eastern Mole” and “Terminal 2A”;
  4. Execution of construction and repair-reconstruction works in “Port”Bourgas” EAD and Oil port “Rosenetz”;
  5. Laying underwater a pipeline Ø 600 (300m length) in “Water - Purification Station Pomorie”;
  6. Underwater detonation of feathering wall in Ship Yard Burgas;
  7. Underwater detonation, deepening and laying a pipeline in the area “Kozluka”;
  8. Performed underwater detonating works for the project of building “New Eastern Mole”, “Terminal 2A” and project “Expansion of Port Burgas”;
  9. Salvage of a sunken dredge of the Danubian Dredgering Fleet in Danube River;
  10. Our divers participated in the construction of ports of Pomorie, Sozopol, Kiten, moles of Burgas and also participated in consolidating the coastline of Nesebar, Pomorie, Aheloi, Kiten;
  11. Repair-reconstruction works on an earth-water facility of Burgas Black Sea salt-cellars;
  12. Performed underwater installation works for “Water industry” EAD and “Irrigation systems” EAD etc;
  13. Participating in and performing measurements of passes and water areas of ports, in order to prepare navigational maps;
  14. Finding, marking and drawing out underwater shells;
  15. Underwater maintenance and inspection of the floating installations of company “DREDGING INTERNATIONAL”;
  16. Assembling of buoys, which are indicating the pass;
  17. Accomplishment of other assignments, which ensure the safe performance of dredging works;

And many more.