List of our equipment

  • hydraulic station equipped with underwater cleaning machines for ships, pontoons, caisson, hydro-technical constructions and etc.; machine for polishing corpuses, valve, rudder parts of ships and stabilizers;
  • a machine and equipment for underwater cutting and welding;
  • motor boat supporting 3t of weight
  • three subsidiary boats;
  • an underwater cleaning machine;
  • air-lifts;
  • three draining water pumps 90m3/h;
  • hoisting machinery 500kg – 10t;
  • underwater drilling machinery;
  • a high-pressure air compressor (300 at.) “MEDI” – Germany;
  • compressors for industrial air (12,50 at.), which are equipped with pneumatic tools;
  • petrol generator “Honda” 380/220V, power 6.5 kW; petrol generator “Honda” 220V, power 2.0 kW;
  • two full-face mask with radio communication “Comex Pro” – France;
  • underwater inspection system with TV camera, equipped with cable and screen; system for automated recording of the inspection;
  • measuring instruments;
  • digital camera “Canon” equipped with waterproof case for underwater shooting and recording;
  • full set of diving equipment – professional diving neoprene suits, diving tanks ‘Poseidon’ – Sweden, etc.