1. Average and current repairs of ships, dockage and elevating installations – underwater cutting and welding, underwater cleaning and polishing by using a machine, cleaning of valve gratings and shaft, assembling and disassembling of stoppers, replacing protectors, maintaining underwater register inspections.

2. Participating in the execution of project of building “New Eastern Mole”, “Terminal 2A”, Navigational Pass and project “Expansion of Port Burgas”.

3. Preliminary diving researches for the project “Expansion of Port Burgas”, for constructing the “New Eastern Mole” and “Terminal 2A”

4. Execution of construction and repair-reconstruction works in “Port”Bourgas” EAD and Oil port “Rosenetz”;

5. Laying underwater a pipeline Ø 600 (300m length) in “Water - Purification Station Pomorie”;

6. Underwater detonation of feathering wall in Ship Yard Burgas;

7. Underwater detonation, deepening and laying a pipeline in the area “Kozluka”;

8. Performed underwater detonating works for the project of building “New Eastern Mole”, “Terminal 2A” and project “Expansion of Port Burgas”;

9. Salvage of a sunken dredge of the Danubian Dredgering Fleet in Danube River;

10. Our divers participated in the construction of ports of Pomorie, Sozopol, Kiten, moles of Burgas and also participated in consolidating the coastline of Nesebar, Pomorie, Aheloi, Kiten;

11. Repair-reconstruction works on an earth-water facility of Burgas Black Sea salt-cellars;

12. Performed underwater installation works for “Water industry” EAD and “Irrigation systems” EAD etc.

13. Participating in and performing measurements of passes and water areas of ports, in order to prepare navigational maps;

14. Finding, marking and drawing out underwater shells;

15. Underwater maintenance and inspection of the floating installations of company “DREDGING INTERNATIONAL”;

16. Assembling of buoys, which are indicating the pass;

17. Accomplishment of other assignments, which ensure the safe performance of dredging works;

And many others.


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